27º20'N 9º20'W
Western Sahara
Fell 1998 August 4 or 5
Ordinary chondrite (H3-6)
A particularly interesting brecciated chondrite with blue halite crystals, water and slickensides.

A meteorite fall was witnessed on a mountain in the vicinity of Zag, Morocco. About 175 kg have been sold by local people to dealers and collectors under the names Zag, Sagd, and Tan-Tan. Classifica­tion and mineralogy (A. Bischoff and D. Weber, Mün): a regolith breccia (pers. comm., R. Wieler, ETH); olivine, Fa1.6–30.0, with peak at Fa19; pyroxene, Fs3.3–26.6 with peak at Fs17; shock stage, S3; weathering grade, W0/1. Specimens: 26.6 kg, JNMC; type specimens, ETH and Mün. © Meteoritical Bulletin 85, 2001 September

Our Material:
We had the opportunity to visit the area four months after the fall and to be part of the lucky collectors who where granted material from this fall. The materail that we brought back has been carefully preseved from alteration in driest conditions. All the slices that we propose have been cut with alcohol to avoid any rust, we also have fragments in
as found conditions.Some present the rares slickenside features.

Prices range from $2.5 to $5 according brecciation, crust and slickenside.

Zag 1415, brecciated fragment with some crust and slickenside,
weight: 14.15 g
dimensions: 44*26*9 mm

US$ 56
more to come...