SAHARA 02503 [Tioulaoualene]

Found Jan 2002, Sahara


TKW 741 g



Albert Jambon (UPMCP) & Michèle Bourot-Denis (MNHP)
Meteoritical Bulletin: MB89
Class: CV3
Found: 05/2003
Weathering: W3
Fa (mol%): 0-25%
Fs (mol%): 1-15%
Type Specimen: 21.1g
TKW: 741g

Text submitted to the Nomenclature Committee of the Meteoritical Society of classification and publication: ( spring 2004):

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TKW: 285 g and 456 g
Name proposed: Tioulaoualene
type: CV3

Discovery: In januray 2002 one stone weighting 285 g was found by a Caillou Noir party in the Sahara. A second stone was found during a second expedition in february 2003. This second stone fits together with the first individual.

The first specimen discovered presents 2 finely cracked fusion crust faces one with flow lines and avery large CAI ( about one cm wide ) on a third face. The second stone is black with a thin finely cracked fusion crust.

Chondrules 0.2 to 3 mm about 40 vol %.Irregular large chondrules; some sherical chondrules in the smaller size range only. In the most reduced chondrules, with opaques sherules, metal is replaced by magnetite. Only sherules inlarge olivine are not transformed. Mesostasis in the chondrules is similar to that of Allende. very fine grained dark grey matrix. Numerous sulfide grains in the matrix. Primary and terrestrial alteration.

CAIs of variable size.

Subtype cannot be defined because of significant weathering.

Mineralogy: Olivine Fo75 to Fo100 (average Fo 91)
Opx: En80 to 99

Minearlogy A Jambon (UMPC), M Bourot Denise (MNHNP)

Type specimen: UMPC 21.13 g
Main Mass: Caillou Noir.


Tioulaoualene is the local name of the place where these 2 meteorites were found.
Do not ask more: The location is a proprietary information of Caillou Noir. Competition is hard between prospectors today.

Slice 38 g Part Coll.

remaining main Mass 216 G Caillou Noir

Very fresh CV with large CAI (1 cm across ) , on one face, a second face with very distinct flow lines
and a sliced face showing beautifull chondrule. A unique specimen for sure.

CAI 1 cm wide !


Flow lines !

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