sikhote 134 kg
First Pict in Russia
sikhote alin 550 kg
Arriving on my terrace
sikhote alin 550 kg grue
The jewel out the treasure box
on my terrace
A beautifull  113 kg Sikhote Alin, in field conditions.  A view of  Caillou Noir's Collection, year 2005.

My Biggest Sikhote Alin just arriving. 
550 kg !!!!  The biggest 
out of Russia so far. 
In field conditions.

2013: I 'am back !!

After having been hunting for meteorites for almost 10 years in the Sahara, I switch to renewable energies. I had the opportunity to build more than a hundred photovoltaïc power stations. Photovoltaïc is very similar to  meteorites. Photon just fall on Earth as meteorite does. But photon less fun !
I have decided recently under the pressure of some of my saharan friends to come back to meteoritics. 

Caillou Noir was my pevious company. I have been involved in meteorite since november 1997, when I found my first meteorite in Lybia.
I was member of the Meteoritical Society from 1998 till 2006, (, was member of the International Meteorite Collector Association ( ex IMCA #3869),( from its creation till 2006, and has been selected as a member of the Confrérie des Gardiens de la Météorite d'Ensishiem in 2005. (

 I am member again of the Meteoritical Society, and will soon joind again the IMCA. Registration in Progress.

Caillou Noir, was a registred privatly owned company is established under the laws of France in 2001 till 2006.
Paperwork on process for a new legal structure, we are in France, be a bit patient.

Caillou Noir operated in several fields, such as prospecting and hunting, importation and exportation of minerals and meteorites, preparing sample, providing type specimen to laboratories, participating to meteorite shows, lecture, books, movies.

Caillou Noir satisfaction is its customers satisfaction. Caillou Noir sends type specimen to well curated institutions in Europ.
Caillou Noir sells meteorites worldwide to Museums, collectors.
Caillou Noir grants special commercial conditions for educational purposes. Please contact us for details.

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