Rumurutite Chondrite
Most probable classification: R 3-5-6

TKW 909 g
Number: 3

Discovered Sahara 2003

History: Three brownish stones weighting 382 g, 362 g and 165g, were discovered by Caillou Noir team in the Sahara in 2004 in an area named Oul Teggit by the natives. They present relicts of fusion crust and dark black inclusions.

Analyses: The smaller individual was sliced and given to University Blaise Pascal of Clermont-Ferrand ( Bertrand Devouard) and to Museum national d'histoire naturelle de Paris (Michèle Bourot Denise). A polished section investigation under magnification showed chondrules of type 3, type 5 and type 6. Fa was mesured at average 40% during the first MEB analysis made to decide about the further program of investigations. . Allthough this MEB mesures is not 100 % reliable, our experience, together with the aspect of the slice enable us to be very affirmative about the R type of this meteorite. Contact  Home

Oul Teggit 382 g
Oul Teggit 362 g
Oul Teggit 131.59 g (165 g Ind.)

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