Sahara 02500
Published in # 88 Met Bull in July 2004.
Meteoritical Society
Found during several expeditions in 2001/2002/2003


Brecciated Chondrite.
Sahara 02500 BIG for sale

New chondrite find from Sahara. (contact: Albert JAMBON UPMC, Paris)
Discovery: Between February and June 2001, a person prospecting for meteorites in Sahara found 42 individuals of the same fall for a total weight of 10,850 Grams. The larger individual weighs 1065 grams and presents flights marks and fusion crust. In November 2001 and January 2002, a party under supervision of the first discoverer recovered additional 400 kg of the same meteorite. The bigger individual recovered weighs 28 kg. Individuals between 1 and 10 kg present deep and well marked regmaglypts. Most individuals above 10 kg broke up on landing. Some more individuals were found in 2003. for a weight of 46 kilos.
Type Specimen: ENS Lyon/Philippe Gillet (one wafer of 26.25g, one end cut of 62.09g) and UPMC Paris/Albert JAMBON one stone with nearly complete fusion crust (516.16 g), one end cut (19.07g) and one wafer (26.45 g).
Main mass:: Caillou Noir: 410 kg. ( submitted to Nom Com ) Additionnal mass 46 kilos.
Coordinates: latitudes: from llb° 28'029 to llb° 02'198 Longitudes: from LLb °03'252 to (LLb-1)° 50'543
Note: llb and LLb are positive integers that will be disclosed later by finder. Coordinates of type specimen: llb°16'007 et (LLb-1)°56'946
Classification: Chondrite : L3.8, S2, W1
Macroscopic Aspect : Nearly complete brown greenish fusion crust. About 60% chondrules, from one mm to nearly 50 microns, grey and white in a slightly oxydized matrix. Numerous clasts (about 5-10% vol, but this is only a guess due to statistical considerations) of several types. 1) some dark to light grey and angular from a few mm to several cm. 2) brown and irregular 3) Angular dark-brown from a few mm to a few tenths of mm. Metal and sulfide occur as spot of a few mm to a few tenths of mm. Conspicuous signs of oxydation.
Mineralogy: olivines Fo 74 ±2 (68-86), pyroxenes Mg#77±5 (68-86). Numerous clasts of small size (a few mm or less) some of which dark and nearly opaque others sub-opaques or well cristallized without matrix with broken chondrules some of small size and made up of matrix. Typical porphyric chondrules, a few barred chondrules, sometimes broken. Some devitrified partially vitrous. Metal and sulfides partly oxydized.
Main mass at Caillou Noir, 100 chemin des Campènes, 74400 Chamonix, France.

Lithologies found in Sahara 02500:

Full Slice, fusion crust.
weight: 121.70g
dimensions 110 mm 75 mm * 7 mm
Many clasts different lithologies, inclusions. A representative slice.
Price: $ 36

Full Slice, fusion crust.
weight: 13.86 g
dimensions 47 mm * 33 mm *4.5 mm
Different Clasts, small inclusions.
Price: SOLD

We hold many individuals of this meteorite from some g to 17 kilos.

Note: Temp 01003 or SWA 01003 are Caillou Noir proprietary identification #.Wadi Mellene is the local name of the place where the first individual was found. It was changed intoSahara 02500, the official Met Society # when the meteorite was published by the Nomenclature Commitee of the Meteoritical Society in The # 88 met Bull in July 2004.

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