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Ti Hedjirine
(Published under Sahara 02501)

Basaltic Eucrite

TKW 3960 g
discovered 2002, Sahara.

Polished section
25 * 25 * 3 mm 7.32 g

Full slice
159 * 112 * 3.5 mm 155 g

:Text submitted to the Nomenclature Committee of the Meteoritical Society in march 2004.

"Workname #SWA 02007
Basaltic Eucrite
Name proposed: Ti Hedjirine
[Discovery] One single massive (3960g) round-tetraedral shaped stone with glassy black fusion crust ( 75 % of surface), deep regmaglypts well marked on 3 faces. Overprinted doleritic texture finely and highly fractured and partly molten. Origin: Sahara, coordinates not disclosed. Found 2002.

Mode: Pyroxene 532; plagioclase: 46.31.4; silica: 42

Fe-rich Pyroxene average: En28 Fs57 Wo15. Compositions ranging from En25 Fs32 Wo42 to En28 Fs69 Wo3. Zoned crystals with Wo poor cores. Fine exsolution bands. FeO/MnO =323. low Mg# 334.
Plagioclase: An86 Ab12 Or2 (from An91 to An79). Plagioclase, partly recrystallised.
Silica irregularly distributed and associated with feldspathic glass.
" K-rich " feldspatic glass (1.5% K2O) up to 9% FeO. Silica glass (90% SiO2 plus a plagioclase fraction)

Specimens UPMC: 1.7+1.0+1.6 + 11.2 +9.6 g. Petrography and Mineralogy: A. Jambon, O. Boudouma, H. Chennaoui-Aoudjehane

Main mass: Caillou Noir.

Ti Hedjirine is the name given by natives to the place where this meteorite was discovered.

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