CO 3.4
S1 W1/2
TKW 79.50 g

SWA 02005 was Caillou Noir stock #.

.0,54 g slice of this nice Carbonaceous meteorite. Well defined small chondrules.

Text Submitted in spring 2004 to The Nom Com of the Meteroitical Society, for declaration and further publication:

Contact Albert Jambon
Working name #02005

TKW 79.5 g
proposed name: Techouen
Type CO3.4
in January 2002 one stone was foudn by a Caillou Noir party in the Sahara
Dark Brown irregular devoid of fusion crust. Irregular dark chondrules mostly below 0.2 mm with few irregular ones. Small chondrules are metal rich.
Large grained sulfides are scare and well dispersed.
Metamorphic grade similar to Ornans or Lancé.
rare chromite in the metal are quite large.

Mineralogy: Fo 100 to Fo46 ( average 76) Opx. Al rich Augite. Fassaite, nepheline, spinelle, kamacite, troilite.

No significant shock: S1
Insignificant weathering: Marginal Sulfide oxydation. W1/2

Mineralogy: Jambon, M Denise

Type Specimen: UMPC; Main Mass: Caillou Noir

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