Iron coarsest octaedrite,
Bandwidth 9 mm

Fall 1947, February 12 10:38 hr

46°9'36" N, 134°39'12"E

Maritime territories, Russia

TKW estimated: 70 tons

approx recovered weight 27 t

Please have look below at my Sikhote Alin collection, from 4 grams to 134 kg !
Exportation approved by the Fersman Museum of Moscow
Should you be interested in purchasing this EXTREMELY RARE individual

More about the discovery and the history of this fantastic meteorite.

Caillou Noir
134kg Sikhote Alin, origin Kabarov Museum Russia. Trade 2005. dimensions 480*300*280 mm

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Here is a RARE and beautiful 53kg Sikhote Alin individual from the KABARAOV Museum.
Dimensions: 350*270*250 mm.

This Sikhote Alin was officially exported with the approval of the Fersman Museum of Moscow.
"Rough" from the Museum's shelves, no treatment was applied to it.
As you may be aware, such huge individuals are getting extremely rare on the market.
CAILLOU NOIR is offering it at the very attractive price of Sorry SOLD §

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The larger specimen weights 20.680 kg.
Other are a choice of regmaglypted, flight oriented, holed Sikhotes and 2 shrapnels.
Openning of calliper square is 10 cm.

387 g regmaglypted individual

261 g flow lines individual

261 g shrapnell individual


176 g regmaglypted individual

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