Oued R'Bah ---------LL 3.8 -------------- W1

TKW: 4737 g

Text submitted to the Nomenclature Committee of the Meteoritical Society:
Working name: Oued R'bah (local place name)
: LL 3.8
A 4737 g light-brown stone, half sand-blasted, half caliche-covered with still visible regmaglypts was found by a person prospecting for meteorites in january 2003 in the Sahara.
Mineralogy and classification (B. Devouard, UBP; M. Messaoudi, H. Afalfiz and D. Belhai, USTHB): Mean olivine, Fa 27.5 (range Fa 26.6-30.3, 20 analyses); mean low-Ca pyroxene, Fs 20.1 (range Fs 4.9-34.1, 19 analyses); weathering grade, W1.
Specimens: type specimen, 26.5 g, MNHNP;
Main mass : "Caillou Noir".

[Oued R'bah is the local place name according natives. (Sahara)]


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