NWA 4272
TKW 6760 g

Found december 2003, Sahara, local place name where found: Molay.

This beauty is sold, allthough I was not desperate to sell it. It is a brilliant meteorite and the new owner is proud of it!

2004 Ensisheim meteorite show, first display of this wondefull achondrite, one of the biggest diogenite individual in the world ! On one face the remaining fusion crust displays nice flow lines. The fragile fusion crust has been gently weathered out on some sides of the meteorites: where it is absent, large green pyroxene phenocristals are visible. One end face presents small regmaglypts and secondary fusion crust.

History : A person prospecting for meteorites in the Sahara on behalf of Caillou Noir found a large single 6760 g massive stone in 2003.
A fragment and a 22 g slice was given for analyse to Bertrand Devouard UBP Clermont Ferrand ) and Bertrand Moine. ( U. St Etienne). Analyses in process. First analyse shows clearly the diogenitic type of this meteorite, definitive results pending will be submitted to the Nom Com.
Main Mass: Caillou Noir.

Main Mass

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Crust details.

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