Caillou Noir is pround to offer meteorites Main Masses. We mean real main mass, i.e. what is left after a small prelevment was taken off for analyses, if any.
Some of these stones have been classified. Some not, although a magnetic susceptibility test was made to have an idea of their types.

DaG 593

L6 S2 W2/3 TKW: 10.50 g Met Bull 83

Main Mass for sale : 1040 g
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Dag 595
H5 S3 W2 TKW 14.931 g Met Bull 83

Main Mass for sale 14.840g
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Kreb al Zafra Video 5 Mb!

Dimensions: 330 * 240 * 210 mm / 13 * 9.5 * 8 inches

Unclassified meteorite. Most probably an Ordinary Chondrite, type L. W0/1. Slice send for anlyses jan 2004.
Main caracteristics: more than 99% recovered with pristine charcoal dark black fusion crust, many regmaglypts on all faces.
Primary and secondary fusion crust. A very fresh museum quality meteorite.
Date found oct 2003
Weight: 19.200 kg. / 42.30 lbs .

Price: $ 9,999. Convert into Euros, £ or other.
Shipping WorldWide by Express Mail, insurance included.

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