Khelb Ellouz*

NWA 4290

Find 2003, Sahara

LL3 subtype 3.1
see below

Chondrules in Khelb Ellouz, observed in a scanning electron microscope with BSE imaging (top), X-ray chemical mapping (middle) and cathodoluminescence (bottom).
Courtesy of Bertrand Devouard, Université Blaise Pascal Clermont Ferrand, France.

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t this meteorite is a LL 3.1 several mesures ( 250 !) of the CaO/FeO ratio showed that the Khelb Ellouz values are in the 3.0 /3.2 zone.
Some centimetric CM2 carbonaceous inclusions have also been localized.

* Name given by the finder's party to this meteorite

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