2947 g
H xenolitic gas rich
Fall 25 fev 1961, Chad
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.This meteorite newly classified main mass of the Djermaia meteorite is to be sold by Caillou Noir on the behalf of its owner.
If you are interested, please do not hesitate to make an offer here.

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Fall Chad , 2947 g


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The story of the discovery:

A single black stone weighing 2947 g was given by a nomad to Raymond Martinot, insurance brooker in Fort Lamy, Chad, after 1960. These were the times when the country became indepandant from its ruler, France. Later, Raymond Martinot gave this stone to his daughter who married Michel Husson later in France. On the photo are Mr Husson and Mrs Husson, his second wife, not the one who gave the stone to him.

In 2002, a french meteorite amateur, who had read our book Chasseurs de Meteorites* , met Michel Husson and saw the 3 kg black stone on a shelf behind Husson's desk. He started to ask questions about it and had the story of the origin of the stone. But Michel Husson the owner, did not realized he had a exceptionnal stone on his shelf: a new meteorite from Chad ! We were connected throught this french meteorite amateur. Some months later, on the 1st of november 2003, Michel Husson came to my workshop and we entered into a deal to market the stone.

Chasseurs de Meteorites**, le cherche midi editeur, Paris 1999. **Meteorite Hunters

The Djermaia meteorite:

  On Jan 2004, I cut an end cut of the stone and waoooooo ! It is a fresh meteorite for sure but it is really a brecciated meteorite !. The white side on the right shelters nicely well defined chondrules. The grey clast shows a higher density of smaller chondrules I will not be surprized if this clast is a type 5. Fine and thin shock veins cross the entire meteorite although they are more numerous in the dark grey clasts. Barred olivine chondrules, armoured chondules, all in it is nice. I really look forward to know more about it. I said to myself that this meteorite could be a new individual of the Djermaia meteorite that fell in Chad in 1961 !

In february 2004, I prepared an end cut and went to Museum d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris where is deposited Djermaia type specimen. Michèle Bourot-Denise was formal: the meteorite given by Husson belongs to the Djermaia fall of 1961. More: this meteorite is the actual bigger individual of this fall, according Met Base 6. The true Main Mass of this rare fall.
A declaration for this additionnal mass has been made to the Nomenclature Committee of the Meteoritical Society on March the 15th this 2004 year. It has been submitted and is now published in the Met Bull # 88 as the additionnal mass of Djermaia.

Meteorites from Chad known up to date. According Catalogue of Meteorites, 5th edition. Moncia Grady

Djermaia ; Fall 25 feb 1961 Chondite Xenolitic gas rich ( H) Recovered weight approx 1 kg. Specimen: 83 g MNHN Paris
Massenya, Find 1958, ordinary H5. Specimen, MNHN Paris 80 g.

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