Wadi Mellene


Brecciated Chondrite, find 2001 and 2002.

TKW 410 kg.

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A large number of meteorites from the same fall were found in an african strewnfield of by 2 persons prospecting for meteorites in Feb 2001 and another prospection in Jan 2002 allowed to collect much more: 400 kg.
A 516,16 g complete individual, two end cut (62,09 g and 19,07 g) two slice (25.73 g and 26.25 g) were deposited at Laboratoire Magie, Univesité Pierre& Marie Curie, for analyse and classification.(first analyses showed it is a brecciated chondrite type 3.8 according A. Jambon , personnal communication)

Note: Temp 01003 or SWA 01003 are Caillou Noir proprietary identification #. Wadi Mellene is the local name of the place where the first individual was found. It will be changed into the official Met Bulletin # when the meteorite is published by the Nomenclature Commitee of the Meteoritical Society.